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using Automated SMS and WhatsApp Order Confirmations for your Shopify store. Deliver only to verified orders and phone numbers.

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Cash on delivery business

Enhanced Order Confirmation for Shopify: Boost Customer Trust through SMS and WhatsApp Notifications

Order Confirmation Automation
Our app empowers businesses to automate the order confirmation process for COD orders. As soon as an order is placed, our system automatically sends an SMS or WhatsApp message to the customer's registered contact number to confirm the order details, payment method, and expected delivery date
Real-time Status UpdatesComing Soon
Customers are continuously notified about the progress of their orders through SMS and WhatsApp messages. They receive real-time updates at key milestones such as order confirmation, dispatch, and delivery. This transparency builds trust, reduces anxiety, and enhances the customer experience..
Customizable Communication Templates
Businesses can personalize and customize the content of the SMS and WhatsApp messages sent to customers. This flexibility ensures that messaging matches the brand's tone and style, enhancing the overall customer experience and brand perception.
Order Analytics and Reports
The app generates comprehensive reports and analytics to help businesses gain insights into their COD order process. This data assists in identifying areas for improvement, optimizing operations, and enhancing the efficiency of cash-on-delivery operations.


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Tailored Pricing Plans: Choose the Perfect Package for Your Enhanced Cash on Delivery Shopify App with SMS and WhatsApp Order Confirmations


Everything your needs to get started


  • Basic customer support
  • SMS phone verification notification
  • SMS order confirmation notification
  • Basic analytics
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Everything your needs to scale your business


  • Priority customer support
  • SMS & Whatsapp phone verification notification
  • SMS & Whatsapp order confirmation notification
  • Realtime order status update notification
  • Advanced analytics
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Enterprise features


  • VIP customer support
  • SMS & Whatsapp Business phone verification notification
  • SMS & Whatsapp Business order confirmation notification
  • Pay only for confirmed and verified phone numbers and orders
  • Advanced analytics
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Scale your cash on delivery business
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Enhanced Order Confirmation for Shopify: Boost Customer Trust through SMS and WhatsApp Notifications